Abrid 2

When you have finished Abrid 1, you can move on to Abrid 2. Your ability to express yourself will really open up in Abrid 2. You can increasingly use more verb tenses; you'll begin to feel at ease using pronouns; your ability to ask questions will improve; and you can start speaking in small paragraphs. You will be able to give specific directions and use and understand the numerous benedictions (and maledictions) that are used in Tamazight. Dialogues, proverbs, and listening material from the Workbook will help your fluency and comprehension increase. Refining your pronunciation is also an important element of this level.


  • You should be able to read and write Tamazight in Arabic script with little effort and handle your daily needs in Tamazight.
  • By the end of Abrid 2 you will learn the fourth pillar of the Tamazight verb, which will enable you to use all the "continuous" tenses of Tamazight.


As for each Abrid level, there are 2 textbooks for the Abrid 2 course: a Student Book, covering all the material for each lesson, and a Workbook, filled with interesting review exercises and supplementary dialogues, texts, and proverbs that go with each lesson. A CD accompanies the Workbook, covering selected lessons from the Workbook.

Time Frame

The 26 lessons of this level (26 sessions of 90 minutes = 39 hours) are best done spread out over a 5 to 6 week period, with extra sessions added for drilling, additional conversation, and review. Expect to spend out-of-class time in revision and practice. It is very important to find a language helper to increase your practice time, and it is highly recommended to take some trips to nearby Berber towns where you'll have more opportunities to put the language to use.