Abrid 3

Abrid 3 is very important for consolidating the final pillar of the Tamazight verb that you learned at the end of Abrid 2. This is necessary for you to improve your fluency. You will be able to discuss a wide variety of topics as you constantly increase your vocabulary. You've been already using a lot of prepositions, but Abrid 3 allows you to finally put them all together in an easy-to-understand way. You will also cover Tamazight's 3 types of adjectives and something that is peculiar to this language: direction particles. Tamazight is often concerned with whether a verb's action is happening toward the speaker or away from him. Abrid 3 will help you negotiate this difficult but foundational aspect of Tamazight. Abrid 3 ends with your being able to use causative, reciprocal, and passive verbs.

All along are interesting and useful dialogues, texts, and proverbs that make very practical the grammatical structures that you are learning. By the time you finish Abrid 3, Imazighen will be impressed and delighted with your speaking level.


  • You will have covered the basic grammar of Tamazight.
  • You will be able to communicate in Tamazight with confidence.
  • You will have expanded your vocabulary and will have the ability to speak about a wide variety of topics.


As for each Abrid level, there are 2 textbooks for the Abrid 3 course: a Student Book, covering all the material for each lesson, and a Workbook, filled with interesting review exercises and supplementary dialogues, texts, and proverbs that go with each lesson. A CD accompanies the Workbook, covering selected lessons from the Workbook.

Time Frame:

The 24 lessons of this level (24 sessions of 90 minutes = 36 hours) are best done spread out over a 6 week period, with extra sessions added for drilling, additional conversation, and review. Some of the lessons at this level may take longer than one session, depending on the student's rhythm. It is best not to rush through the material but take the time to use it and consolidate it. Expect increased out-of-class time in revision and practice. It is very important to find a language helper to increase your practice time, and it is highly recommended to take some trips to nearby Berber towns where you'll have more opportunities to put the language to use.