"The Bridge" helps you to enter the Salam 3 level more smoothly. This is a 30 session course which is made up of different stories and dialogues. You will get to know Juha, a legendary figure across North Africa, and some of his funny or clever exploits. In these Juha stories, we avoid as much as possible new vocabulary but want to help you to consolidate and use the grammar and the vocabulary that you acquired during Salam 1 and 2.
After that, other stories with an increased level of difficulty and with new vocabulary will help you to expand your possibilities of conversing with people.
Mixed through all this is a grammar review. With that, you'll be ready to enter the Salam 3 level.

Some of the topics of the Bridge course

  • Moroccan tea (how to make it, tea drinking habits)
  • Dialogue about explaining a word
  • Juha and the Dirham
  • Dialogue about some experiences when being invited in a Moroccan home
  • Story about Eve and Satan
  • Juha and the Thief
  • Dialogue at the clothes shop