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Take a taste of the rich and flavoursome spoken Arabic by experiencing our "Curious Explorer" course.
Choose a morning or afternoon full of greetings, simple phrases, and not so simple sounds - that will take you deeper than the average tourist. You will notice that you are treated very differently if you speak a bit of Arabic. Don't forget to pay attention to the cultural "dos" and "don'ts"!


  • After only a half day of work you should be able to use appropriate greetings and pronounce them intelligibly.
  • The booklet and MP3 files will help you go beyond the course itself and will enable you to do some simple shopping in Arabic.
  • Moroccans are in general very friendly and appreciate the fact that you try to speak their language.


    The Curious Explorer class takes 3 hours and is then followed by a traditional Moroccan meal. The price per person for a group of at least 3 persons is 350 Dirham. For a group of 2, the price is 430 Dirham/person and for an individual class, the price is 500 Dirham. Note that we do not offer meals for individual classes.