Salam 1


Salam 1 is a forty session course. We recommend to take it as an intensive course at two sessions daily in 4 weeks. You will cover greetings, pronunciation, writing and everyday phrases. After finishing Salam 1 you will be able to read and write Arabic letters without serious difficulty, answer most of the numerous greetings, tell people about yourself, and do shopping in Arabic.

Salam means "peace" or simply "greeting". You will hear this word often and in many combinations. We are sure that our method will help you master the Moroccan dialect successfully and make you understand Moroccan culture better.


In the Salam 1 course all Arabic words and dialogues are given in both the Arabic alphabet and in phonetic transcription, using the phonetic system used by major dictionaries of literary Arabic. However, we consider phonetics to be the crutches that you will throw away by the end of this course.