Salam 3

By the time you start Salam 3 you will know the basic grammar of Moroccan Arabic, but you will still need more practice in past tense conjugations and will learn conditional clauses. In Salam 3 you will cover a wide range of vocabulary from areas like: Moroccan culture and traditions, as well as professional and practical life. Instead of translations, explanations for new vocabulary are given in simplified Arabic.

You will continue to find out more stories about Juha and enjoy his adventures.
You will study our "Lifecycle" series which consists of modules covering topics like birth, marriage and death, and important religious holidays.

This level is organised in modules of 10 and 20 sessions.
At this level we recommend to begin studying Standard Arabic while you consolidate and broaden your spoken Arabic, or else, spend more time in the street, with neighbours and friends than in class.


  • You will have covered the grammar of spoken Moroccan Arabic.
  • You will be able to communicate in Arabic with confidence.
  • You will have expanded your vocabulary in specialized areas depending on the modules you choose.