Salam 4

After Salam 3 you will be able to express most things you want to say in Arabic and will be able to find circumlocutions if you don't have the right word. The biggest challenge ahead now is to understand Moroccans when they speak with each other. You will practice listening comprehension using videos of real Moroccan TV-shows, spoken at normal rapid speed, while still enriching your command of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.


You will have acquired the ability to contribute to a discussion between Moroccans. They will feel that you share their "knowledge bank" well enough to be naturally included into their conversations.


In Salam 4 we have 3 different modules that you can take in any random order.
One is a conversational course. Ten topics from Moroccan culture and current affairs are introduced by a short text, and then followed by a series of questions. The goal is for you to talk about these subjects, increasing not only your vocabulary to a wider range of topics but more importantly, helping you to engage in a conversation.

Another module is a video course. We have a number of episodes of a Moroccan TV production about the legendary Juha. Listening to television in Moroccan Arabic is a challenge. This course wants to help you train your listening skills and then engage in a conversation about the episode.

A third module is about some of the prophets as presented in the Qur'an. This module will help you to understand the religious vocabulary that is widely used.