Serious Explorer

Our one-week Serious Explorer course is geared towards the needs of a traveller in Morocco. You will not only learn "Hello" and "Good Bye" but also how to say politely and firmly "Leave me in peace!" Six sessions spaced over a week will still allow you to visit Fes and practice writing Arabic characters. Like the Curious Explorer, the course comes with a Moroccan meal and a recipe booklet, as well as text books and a CD.

The "Serious Explorer" can also be expanded to a "XL-Version" of up to 20 instead of six sessions, teaching additional mini-dialogues, skills for language learning and staying with a Moroccan family.


  • After the week you should be able to take a taxi, ask for directions, book a hotel room, order your food and drinks at a restaurant and buy basic items at a shop.
  • You will also be able to distinguish the letters of the Arabic alphabet and will start reading words in many places where you used to see only "fancy decorations".


    The Serious Explorer class takes 3 days of 3 hours each and at the end we will offer you a traditional Moroccan meal. The price per person for a group of at least 3 persons is 800 Dirham. For a group of 2, the price is 1080 Dirham/person and for an individual class, the price is 1500 Dirham. Note that we do not offer meals for individual classes.
    When the Serious Explorer class is taken as an introduction course for those who want to continue with Salam 1, the duration of the class is 5 days of 3 hours each and the price is accordingly modified.

    Not all our classes are taught in a class room!

    This is at the Merinides Tombs with a great view over the city of Fes