Curious Explorer

Make a rendezvous with history. Come get acquainted with Morocco's original language by experiencing our "Curious Explorer" course in Tamazight or central Moroccan Berber. The language is still being used by large numbers of Moroccans in the Middle Atlas Mountains, in parts of the High Atlas, and down to the Sahara. Choose a morning or afternoon full of greetings, simple phrases, and not so simple sounds–that will take you deeper than the average tourist. You will notice that you are treated very differently if you speak a bit of Tamazight. Don't forget to pay attention to the cultural "dos" and "don'ts"!


  • After only a half day of work you should be able to use appropriate greetings and pronounce them intelligibly.
  • The booklet and CD will help you go beyond the course itself and will enable you to do some simple shopping in Tamazight.
  • Imazighen (how Berbers refer to themselves) are in general very friendly and are thrilled when you try to speak their language.

The Curious Explorer course is a good introduction to Central Moroccan Tamazight. For those who desire an even deeper contact with this noble people, consider our "Serious Explorer" course which offers all of the above and more ... like the Tifinagh alphabet.